The Big Deal of Expression

The Big Deal of Expression

By David Smith April 10, 2010

The Parking Poet, and Bible Poet too;

Even Rose City Poet, Writing we can do.

It all ties together to express opinions grand.

It’s only an expression as ideas get to land.

Just to express an opinion, or belief that we have got.

To let the feeling out, it’s what we think, a lot.

It’s only therapy on how to ride the waves;

And give life more meaning, as we document the page.

So grasp the pen and write a slice of life.

To meditate and grow and overcome our strife;

O it works so grand; to express in rhythm and rhyme;

To acknowledge thoughts and feelings, as we live through life and time.

We may get negative responses like a dreamer and a fool.

To understand frustration, keeps emotion rather cool.

So try your hand in writing and let anxiety drift away.

To only acknowledge a thought, may be your right-of-way.


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