Honeymoon City Toastmasters

Honeymoon City Toastmasters

An Evening with Mark Hunter

By David Smith April 14, 2010

Only one walks away as the world champ we can see;

Being a participant; what’s in it for me?

Rick Lundy had the polish and finesse.

To guide this meeting; as it performed to its best;

Slang words and phrases had a table topics spin.

To get the adrenaline flowing, to tame those butterflies within;

A tenth speech we heard tonight;

A walk to first base was really in flight;

Shake up the dirt and step up;

We found a way to get out of a rut;

Thanks be to a donkey down in a well;

The dirt and negativity can be rather swell;

A chuck or a phoenix we head the way;

We need the dust to soar some day;

Feed the audience, a message so grand;

Live and love when you take the stand;

Dust, the fertilizer, what we need to improve

To develop character and get out of a groove;

So take a risk and let it fly;

That’s the joy, potential we cry!


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