Blossoms Blow in the Wind

Blossoms Blow in the Wind

By David Smith May 4, 2010

Matthew Ebert Smith and his wife Mary Ellen Murray

Picture: Great Grandparents of the parking poet

The pedals, like snow, as it’s blown from the trees

Reminds me of marriage on humble knees

The beautiful blossoms, the attractiveness of spring;

Birds and the bees and pollination has its fling.

Then the trees in greens of summer;

And the pedals, blown all around and under;

The glamour gone; pollination took place

Now the family, off springs we face.

In the harvest the leaves are ripe

And fruit is picked and what a sight.

The blossoms of spring forever gone;

Grandma and grandpa their pedals have shone;

Now they see the beauty of the young;

The blossom of their youth, their day was sung.

Pedals, like snow, as it blows from the trees;

Youthfulness of childhood; memories come with ease


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