To Market We Go!

To Market We Go!

Written by one of the Vendors at Niagara Falls Farmers Market

Inspired by The Parking Poet June 2010

Every Saturday early we meet,

Vendors pass good mornings around.

All our customers we happily greet,

Our prices are fair we hold our ground.

David set up the pillions with ease,

We stock our tables with goodies desired.

Sun is shining and with a gentle breeze,

By the end of market we are all very tired.

Before the day comes to a rewarding end,

There’s a hum in the crowd and smiles proceed.

To our products we proudly tend,

There’s something for everyone, just look indeed.

We sell local products from Ontario.

Proved to be farmers and work hard just the same.

The following week will be the same scenario,

We pack up the trucks and on the road again.


One response to “To Market We Go!

  1. theparkingpoet

    This poem was inspired by the Farmers Market in Niagara Falls. One of the Vendors gave it o me. For your enjoyment.

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