Welcome to Area 55 Summer Meeting

Welcome to Area 55 Summer Meeting – July 8, 2010

Hosted by Rose City Toastmasters


Thirteen around the table for Summer Fun to see

Rose City Toastmasters; how it affected me.

The vastness of the country; vivid pictures for the Toast

This country of ours; how we can brag and boast.

One foot in the grave the rabbit we could hear

All from the humorist; the laugh vivid and clear;

Then it carried on and shadowed Table Topics

Warmth of joy in air, like the Refreshing Tropics.

Then we had our break with coffees and the fruit;

And back to prepared speeches, where we give a hoot.

Make your years count and don’t count the years;

Growing old to eliminate fears;

Practice and training to public speak

Toastmasters, the organization so really neat;

Members were mentioned and called by name

Input for us, and everything to gain.

Fourteen around the table, one came in late;

The uplifting of ideas, Summer Fun was great.

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