Hamlet on Library Break

Hamlet on Library Break

By David Smith Thursday March 25, 2004

Hamlet with passion I heard him say

His arrogance was his downfall today

He did not check when he stabbed the curtain

His arrogance through life

He was certain

And “Gone with the Wind” and Scarlet O’Hara

The epitome of women people admire

Scarlet was the woman to stay away from

Cold and distant and emotionally dumb

Married for money and cold as ice

That’s the emotion some people find nice

To be or not to be is more than the question

It’s good and evil and what is rejection

To kill oneself, evil still exists

Hamlet was dwelling on what was a miss

To stab a sword into the sea

The evil still exists to be

All the novels the conflicts so great

Exists today and how we mate

So thanks be to an English teacher on break

To study from books for our value’s sake


One response to “Hamlet on Library Break

  1. ❤ smooth!

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