At the Mercy of a Barber

At the Mercy of a Barber

by David Smith September 17, 2010

At the mercy of a barber, the vulnerability that I feel;

Laidback and defenceless and ready to squeal;

As the razor slaps across the belt;

Applying the steel, emotions do melt.

To put that much faith in an ordinary man

As he shaves the neck as close as he can.

To hear the cut of every tiny hair;

As a face is prepared for affection to share.

The smoothness,

The closeness,

To keep in touch with our mate;

To get past the barber

His skill is at stake.

Vulnerabilities show, eyes shut and laidback;

Preparing for my spouse;

The same emotion on track;

To expose vulnerability at the mercy of a wife;

That bondable trust to eliminate strife.


2 responses to “At the Mercy of a Barber

  1. Your dynamics for this poem are based on the old western stories of barbershops where someone would get his throat cut for whatever reason which is an underlying fear associated with the flat razor. You do effectively paint a sense of apprehension which is OK if that was your purpose. in writing this. However, I for one neither shave for any exclusive reason nor do it to please somebody else…only just to have a clean face is a pleasure for me in itself.

  2. Beautiful, raw, truth! You are very gifted!

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