Big Wheel

Big W-h-e-e-l

By David Smith September 19, 2010

Inspired by my Geography Teacher in Grade 11 at Welland High

Big Whh-ee-l, Big Whh-ee-l, I heard the geography teacher say;

You think you’re a big wheel; you will be humbled some day.

A flash back of high school hit me hard

As a man carrying a bicycle tire walked into his yard.

Big wheels are not the ultimate; it’s the little cogs that keep the time;

The integrate assembly of a watch, keep the seconds in rhythm and rhyme.

The body is very important; but each tiny little part.

To keep the big wheel turning; fly wheels need to start.

The integrated circuit is a marvellous thing to see

To keep a big wheel humble; microscopic for you and me

Big Wheel; Big W h e e l; I heard the teacher say.

It’s all imagination that keeps the active-mind at play.


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