Discovering Classical Music

Discovering Classical Music

By David Smith October 11, 2010

(Purpose to compare learning to read and learning how to handle a musical instrument; and the dedication of a great composer

To develop a skill to read, and the appreciation to study classical music takes time. “IT IS WORTH IT!”)

Embarrassing to read and mumble over words;

A jerky movement with hesitations uninsured;

Unfamiliar names with constantans out of whack;

Trying to make it flow, to not acquire the knack.

That’s how I felt last night when I read.

Discovering classical music, composers’ names I dread.

And hearing the compositions; the loud and the soft;

And cannon fire and muskets to a climatic knot.

It was exciting to be carried by the mood.

The Lone Ranger Theme put me in the grove.

Reminded me of Mighty Mouse when I was small

Exposed to classical music put me in aha

Now; I am older, to appreciate the beat.

A symphony orchestra is really neat.

To make it smooth, the team work of each player.

Like pronouncing names, the familiarity to savour;

To stumble over words, a challenge, I can see.

Rhyming notes together, talent well beyond me.


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