Harvey’s Honeys back at the Farmers Market

Honey: Business of Bees

By David Smith November 3, 2007

The Queen Bee they call her, a name so grand

A slave to the hive if we can only understand

To be a leader to humbly serve

The Queen bee the slave of the hive with nerve

She lays her eggs and pushed out of her nest

A slave to the colony as she does her best

She stings for protection and treated like dirt

And called a queen, the prestige does hurt

Thrown out by her family to create a new home

Civilization is cruel as pride does roam

As sweet as honey cause that’s what it is

All over the Peninsula in Niagara its biz

All different shades as the pollen is picked

From different areas the sweetness the trick

Those bees are busy, as they buzz and they light

And produce honey and prepare for the night

From Port Colborne he capitalizes on the insect so grand

And markets the honey, the sweetest in the land

To utilize nature, mother earth is so good

It’s up to us to preserve where we should


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