Memories Capture Time

Memories Capture Time

By David Smith October 25, 2010

Memories come alive on You Tube as I spy

Dean Martin and Goldie Hawn, as life is marching by;

All the lines of poetry to have memorized each week;

As it flashes on the internet; the past to vividly seek.

The net is full of memories; those scenes of yesteryear

Of being with my mom and dad when those first lines appear.

Spending time on You Tube; Those memories of the past;

They flash upon the inward eye; vivid thoughts to last;

Thinking of my mom and dad and a family secure;

Shifting in a new generation; Grandchildren we endure.

The tender kisses from a loving mom, to grandchildren we embrace.

It all is nature’s way, to carry on the human race.

And to capture time as sand sifts through the glass;

The moment is all but gone, but the future will always last.

O those precious memories as we laugh and shed a tear.

To share them with my grandchildren, Stories that they hear.


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