The Boiling Pot

The Boiling Pot

By David Smith February 6, 2008

The boiling pot, water to steam

The invisible vapour where my thoughts have been

Invisible vapour, to focus and think

It’s the thoughts, the power

Where we make the link.

To take those thoughts as they fill the air

All in abundance make links to compare;

What a foundation where ideas become real;

To look at the pot and the turmoil we feel.

Seeing the vapour as it rises so high

All that potential puts tears in the eye

Focus on the dream

Be conscious where we are

Build that bridge, Potential will go far

A tremendous joy, when broken lives mend and grow

Rags to riches,

Faith that I know

2 responses to “The Boiling Pot

  1. Grea David – keep us inspired!

  2. Hi David,
    good poet and deep emotion. your poet is a represnte of a canadian life. good!

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