Tina’s Collection New at the Market

Tina’s Collection

By David Smith December 4, 2010

Like a “Jack –in-the-box” He springs;

That’s the enthusiasm, the Market brings;

He sells his sheets so confident and sure;

The product alone, the integrity to endure;

It’s his mannerism, the bridge, and the gap

To talk to patrons, the attention, to zap;

Speaks of the number he sells in day;

Draws them in, they desire to pay;

Talent to keep merchandise on a roll;

Value of others, he caresses their soul.

Knows customers by name, an impression I got

Reaches for others, charisma, a lot;

Like a “Jack-in-the-box” he springs;

Enthusiasm and hope to the Market he brings;

A joy to see a salesman selling sheets;

People the value that can’t be beat.


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