Speak with Emotion

Speak With Emotion

Inspired by Judy Suke

By David Smith Officer Training Session

June 24, 2006

We are born with feeling

Emotion we would speak

To cry

To get fed

Or a diaper that would reek

As we mature

With communication skills in place

Emotion shuts down as vocabulary we face

Take a step back

Let emotion be the guide

Communicate with feeling

To give the audience a ride

The vibration of the body

The quiver of the lips

Sound of the voice

High and lowness of pitch

Like a tuning fork the vibes to project

Emotion’s important to get passion erect


One response to “Speak with Emotion

  1. I am a great admirer of Judy Suke, so when I saw your reference to her I couldn’t help responding. Have not seen her now for a few years as I am not as involved as I used to be. I am a past International Director and still am involved in my club, Stouffville TM.
    I am new at this blogging exercise and would love to know more. I have written 2 books which you might have seen at the Conferences 86 and 60.

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