Reflection of “The King’s Speech”

The King’s Speech

Inspired by the Movie January 31, 2011

By David Smith

The King’s Speech, they call it

As history is told

The roller coaster of emotion as change becomes so bold.

Stammer into a mike as a mentor encourages Him through

The agony to breathe as tension is so true.

Working through a handicap as childhood hurts are deep

Living through the pain for the Commonwealth to keep.

He may be a King as he pants another speech.

It’s my inner child so desperate and so weak.

That is why there’s Toastmasters,

And mentors O so grand

To know we have a voice to share in this great land.

Whether a king or a commoner of old

Expose the vulnerability, reality to be told

The King’s Speech is written for us as we share the pain

Exposed in humility

His strength to share our gain.


One response to “Reflection of “The King’s Speech”

  1. nice picture you have taken.
    it sounds the movie is great.

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