History of Rose City Toastmasters in Rhyme

History of Rose City Toastmasters in Rhyme

By David Smith March 27, 2011

(Note: We got our Charter in 1998. Thank you to Garden City Toastmasters in St Catharines.)

Rose City Toastmasters in 1997 it ‘twas

It started in the Tribune, created quite a buzz.

Information to the public, contacts were made.

Garden City Toastmasters took the call to give us aide;

They sponsored our club, got us off to a start;

The Area Governor, Sarah Kellogg did her part.

She purchased our banner, her personal money she used;

We focused on potential Rose City Toastmasters was now fused;

Twenty brand new members, leadership developed within;

All from imagination Rose City did begin;

Honeymoon City and Niagara College started to bud;

Now we have our workshops in Niagara at the hub.

To ignite potential and a passion to formal speak

To kill the enemy within, the confidence to seek

Each club has basic characteristics and a foundation sure;

The gifts of individuals; our uniqueness will endure;

And without our members, Rose City Toastmasters will not be

Think of your potential rooted like a tree

To blossom and bear fruit and multiply the success

Leadership comes alive when we teach and do our best.

We are making history as we come each and every week

As we document our growth and participate and speak

WE see it on our banner our ribbons and our pride.

Exercise your gifts and please don’t let them hide.

We welcome everyone to be part of a dynamic club

There is learning power with elbows that we rub.


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