Awards Banquet Eastdale Secondary School Welland

Awards Banquet

Inspired by Guest Speaker Mike Smrek

By David Smith June 9, 2011

You’re putting yourself out there every time

To be able to fail and still keep life in rhyme;

Never stop thinking of where you can go and what you can do;

The answer is within it depends on you.

Success is the struggle in the hot sun to boot

And then to play basketball in a flashy jogging suit

“I wish I would have” but the time is now

Plunge to the present, you will learn how.

Everyone you meet is another me;

We’re all together is what I can see;

All connected to the spectrum of emotion

From the motivational speaker with passion and devotion;

That was awards night in Port Robinson it ’twas

Eastdale students created quite a buzz.

Thanks be to the teachers to inspire and lead;

The seeds of success were sown in deed.


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