Aroma at the Market Sylvia Place

Aroma AT the Market Sylvia Place

By David Smith July 2, 2011

He adds the sizzle to the steak;

The aroma of the market is so great.

Music fills the air,

Scent of fresh strawberries,

A rainbow of flavour to compare;

The hustle and bustle of vendors around,

At the market people are found;

Teriyaki Shack and Savoury Sweet Breakfast;

The butcher shop where line-ups served fast;

The sheets are in full

A fit is designed

The market in the falls

A comfort we find.

The harmonica and guitar, the sweetest sound

Like the harmonized sales tax, a contrast is found.

The musical instruments as they blend in tune

Sounds of the market till it closes at noon.

The joy of sights and aroma and taste

To linger at the market and slow down the pace

The Harmonized sales tax like the pounding on the drum

O the vibration a unique kind of hum.

We are the people, a joy to take part

Part of the community, at the Market to start.


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