Sand Art they call It

Sand Art they call it

By David Smith July 10, 2011

Inspired by The Artist K SAFI

If I could save sand in a bottle,

A picture of love for you,

The infinite grains of sand,

A token of love so true;

Inspired by the artist on Clifton Hill it ‘twas;

Fills up his bottles of sand and dedicates his love.

The sand in the flask as it reaches its fill;

Then applies the cork so the memory will not spill;

O he is an artist and picks people out of a crowd;

And shows his unique talent;

His passion speaks so loud;

Sand art in a bottle or however it’s contained

The memory lasts forever no matter how it’s framed;

And it is the uniqueness that makes a person great

So expose your oddity before it is too late.


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