Hot and Ice Cold Coffee

Hot and Ice Cold Coffee

By David Smith August 16, 2011

“And you thought it was good Hot…” the sign on the wall

A delicious cold coffee as ice cubes look rather tall.

Reminds me of marriage as flavour has extremes

It’s all in the temperature, the emotion it seems.

The contrast of a kiss and rejection for the night.

Expansion and contraction as the flow is not quite right.

A marriage piping hot and the ice that packs within

To evaluate the feelings

Is where our strength begins.

Sensing the vibrations as hot coffee turns to warm

And a frigid attitude can melt as love is born

So we see the mix as a couple can unite

The blending of emotions, togetherness can be right.

One response to “Hot and Ice Cold Coffee

  1. Deff a good poet!!

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