Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention Deficit Disorder

By David Smith September 2, 2011

Inspired by CBC Radio Broadcast end of August 2011


Ah, De, De, I heard one day

On the radio, a picture, I dare say

Pegged instantly; with disorderly skills

Thinking outside the box has many thrills;


Associating objects in a unique sort of line;

And baffling my wife every time;

Every morning seek and find has its place

Wallet and keys, the frustration on my loved ones face.


Every morning a search and panic button too

Then out the door as life is fresh and new;

Inventory check and on my way

Dust particles at home don’t float away.


Homeward bound to loose ends untied;

And a loving wife, exhausted and cried;

Dealing with frustration as I pull out the pen

And make life rhyme day after day again


A running diary, the knowledge obtained

The frustration level, the agony gained

Ah, De, De, I heard one day

Because it’s defined, the hurt does not go away.


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