Diversity Develops Unity

Diversity Develops Unity

By David Smith September 13, 2011


King of Great Britain and France and Ireland and all

King James the First; his preamble, is the call

To link England and France under one roof;

Like Canada and Quebec the animosity, the root


O the influence from across the sea

Customs and traditions in Canada that be

Attitudes and history, where friction can flow

A new nation, a new flag, where unity can grow


Politicians and immigrants working on a blend

Like a tea that brews, a message to send

So look at the flavour of what we have got

Canada, the country, to admire a lot


One diverse nation and customs that grow

An example to the world where cultures flow

A united kingdom with power and might

Dynamic leaders to inspire so bright


Just like a tea, through the hot water, we steep

To brew from within for the flavour so sweet;

Carry it on, to a nation to thrive

Let our unique character come alive.


From Sea to Sea and everything in between

Including Quebec a vision is seen.

Multicultural, and bilingual too

A united Canada; Strong and true.



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