Living With Dying

Living With Dying

Inspired by Doug’s Last Few Months with Family & Friends”

Woodlands of Sunset, October 29, 2011

By David Smith

Taken from DVD “Interview with Douglas Aikman”

Thanks to Woodlands Palliative Care Committee for organizing & hosting today’s workshop

His voice was quiet and frail

And His loving wife filled in the blanks; and let conversation sail.

She talked of pain being intense;

And he went into detail, how his symptoms were immense.

Writing out a biography of things of the past

Ways to make his memory last.

Reviewing life, and answers to goals; Review the past, forgiveness we are told.

Need to forgive to be forgiven;  Changing goals to continue living.

Rocks represented hurts of his past; Throwing away, so peace would last.

Focus more on living than dying; Writing out funereal service to continue relying.

People represent different parts of life; Fire fighters and police, justify might.

Celebration of life so important we hear; Different groups held him so dear.

The symbols of life are clearly seen; The funereal service now a has been.

Going through pictures, reviewing and seeing;  Going through regrets for better well being.

Learning to live in a mystery of God; Treasures of life, the friends we applaud.

Focus on the future, trust in moving ahead; And being looked after, faith in its stead

Not easy to trust; what you cannot see;  That is faith, a definition for me.

Louise and Doug work as a team; Sharing a story, hope is seen.

Carrying it on, is where we fit in; Pass on the wealth, the riches from within.

“How can you see your last day?” She asked; With family around the home at last

To respect others, a good listener we hear; Non judgemental, know one another without fear.

His voice was quiet and frail; And every word, new meaning set sail.


One response to “Living With Dying

  1. Louise Aikman

    Thanks David – you are a good listener & very creative to be able to summarize so well. I am honored to call you a friend. – Louise

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