Inspired by Fred Nicholl, A Soldier

Inspired by Fred Nicholl, A Soldier
By David Smith November 15, 2011

Has got his military medals;
Does more than his share of time;
Two long service bars,
And foreign postings he did find

His career is rich and long and full;
Up through the ranks, endurance he did pull.
With wrench in rugged hand
A fine tradesman is this Army man.

And so he stands at Remembrance Days at cenotaphs so grim;
All his years of sacrifice is more than a soldier’s whim.
The uniform and glitter cannot possibly take the place;
Of a wife and children when marching is the pace.

And a lengthy career in military tradition;
Facing the outside world, where uncertainty is twitching
And so I see his medals
And how they glitter with pride
Wonder about civilian life;
How a soldier’s ways can hide.


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