A Tribute to Jean Mary (Kervin) Williams

A Tribute to Jean Mary (Kervin) Williams

By David Smith November 22, 2011




From the time I was six till I was fifteen

My neighbours in Sudbury, always have been

A husband and wife and four little girls

Grew up in my neighbourhood with cute little curls.


Their mother a gem she treated me well

Encouraged through faith, her stories to tell

A security blanket as memories appear

Though her encouragement, there is nothing to fear.


Would visit her home on weekend leave

Up to Sudbury to relatives I would cleave.

She passed away but her presence bombards my mind

Youthfulness diminishing and an inner peace I can find


The joy of my childhood

Though people we grow

The vivid imagery, the joy that they show

Thinking of Mrs Williams in the advancement of years

A glimpse of the past I shed a few tears


After she’s gone, the imprint she made

I think of the hope, the foundation that’s laid

A joy to have known her, her influence we got;

To have met her in my youth, the memory means a lot.


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