Table Topics: The Murder Case

Table Topics: The Murder Case

Inspired by Rose City Toastmasters Meeting November 17, 2011

David Smith


A murder Case, an exciting night

Where table topics flourished with creativity so bright

Everybody a suspect and everyone had to stand

And face interrogation individually at hand


It was noted on what we did last week

And circumstances allowed for the guilty to speak

It was a joy to let circumstances soar

How circumstantial evidence can really be a chore


So we had our fun as doors were opened wide

And we got to speak where emotion could not hide.

Innovated Table Topics where the Master was in touch

And being so inspiring, Table Topics meant so much.


A Murder Case an exciting night

All being accused, in a case so tight;

The interrogation: a think tank so clear

To speak with effectiveness, was my only fear.

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