A Tribute to an Old Vet

A Tribute to an Old Vet

By David Smith December 20, 2011


He stood at attention, in years gone by

Sharp as a tack, as the flag waving high

Now he is seen, pushing a walker as he strides

A decorated soldier, his youthfulness starting to hide


Time marches for everyone, as the drummer keeps the beat

Very sad to see, old soldiers take a back seat

To think of his prime, his vitality and vigour

And now as he walks in somewhat of a dither

So I Ponder Remembrance Day, with his walker as he sat

With all of his medals, to the old fogies, he would chat


When he ruled with power, the pace- stick by his side

The bellow of his voice where the timid would hide

That power and spark is glowing dim

How it’s affecting me, my passion within


And on Remembrance Day, I shed a tear

Our light is diminishing, my greatest fear

He stood at attention, in times gone by

As did our loved ones with the bugle cry.


And our experiences, when we were young

Don’t let our failures, and successes go unsung.

Pass on the lessons of what we have learned;

The next generation, a going concern.


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