The Train Holdup

The Train Holdup

By David Smith June 7, 2012

The grinding of steel on the tracks as it squeaks

The click-ity- clack of the wheels is so sweet.

History in the present as the cars click on by

That is nostalgia with tears in my eye

The romance of the train, the cars as they sway

The unity of a country in its infancy by the way

Stopped at a crossing as the bells cling and clang

And the lights have a beat as they flash and they shine.

All to take notice as the train slithers by

The sound of the whistle as it turns into a cry

That’s the impression as the train slows me down

To appreciate the pause, and not wear a frown.

So think of the past where trains was the time

That was the cadence in my grandfather’s prime

The wheels as they click and that irritating sound

The fascination of the railroad is so profound.


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