A Tribute to Andy Griffith

A Tribute to Andy Griffith

By David Smith July 5, 2012

The Andy Griffith Show with memories vivid and clear

And always on reruns

Moral values do appear

Now that Andy is laid to rest

A role in character building

He did his best

A father image, a life style so grand

Humour in sitcoms, moral values we can understand

It was fictional, but situations brought to light

Like a real family we could tune into at night

Hearing the news, Andy Griffith past away

A part of my past

To mourn by the way

Memories with my parents

With brothers when we were young

And actor of influence as his ballads are still sung

And to appreciate his entertaining ways

His contribution to life enriched our days.

Andy was an influence on my childhood I could see

The passing of an actor,

Precious memories embrace me


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