Counterfeit or Genuine: The Choice is Ours

Counterfeit or Genuine the Choice is ours

By David Smith June 2012


A counterfeit bill the suspicion was real

An older series without the security appeal

Refused to be accepted at a coffee shop on Queen

Told it was counterfeit and asked where it had been


Exchanged it at the bank where a new bill takes its place

The old bill out of service as it was now replaced.

Where to draw the line, when to accuse and when to accept

Questions from within

Our reputation and character we get


Reputation from what others think and the judgments that they make

Character from within as our integrity is at stake

What people may think as we walk on shady ground

But having a clear conscience is confidence to be found.


A counterfeit judgement where character is on trial

The trying of integrity for a life that is worthwhile

O what a joy to prepare for a test

Counterfeit or genuine as we present our best


Always judge our inner self with morality from within

When suspicion is in question correction can begin.

Be thankful for security checks as we progress on our way

Our reputation is evaluated every time of day.



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