Inspired by Chuck Mealing and His Three Wheeled Trike

Inspired by Chuck Mealing And His Three Wheeled Trike Rider for Spinal Cord Research

By David Smith July 28, 2012

Chuck Mealing’s Trike

Chuck Mealing

A three wheeled trike, the stories it could tell;

Designed like a cot on wheels so swell;

The pulleys and chain to pump the rear wheels;

Right from the shoulders where massive strength appears;

To drive this machine on, across Canada rallies

For spinal cord research, No time to dally

Against all odds to be wheel chair ridden

Live life to the fullest, Potential that’s hidden

To turn things around and contribute to life

A tailor made contraption to overcome strive

O what joy to see beyond hope

Where life gets us down we too can cope

Riding across Canada using arms as legs

Adapt to the now for experiences that begs

Seeing the wheel chair and mechanical trike

What’s holding me back? What’s my potential like?

Spinal cord research and the distance it’s come

The turbulence within me to get my wheels to hum.

In Crystal Beach it all comes together

The Man, the wheelchair through all types of weather.


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