Reminiscing of St Jacob’s

Reminiscing of St Jacob’s

By David Smith August 8, 2012

The reminiscing of a trip, to St Jacob’s we went;

The horse-drawn cart, our time was well spent;

The market was huge

Cattle auction galore

The shops on main street, manufacturing in store;

People so friendly, the buzz around town

Once the stores closed, quietness around

Looking at St Jacob’s, a catalyst of activity

To bring back family values, that’s the productivity.

The making of corn brooms and glass blowing to see

Genuine appreciation, what people mean to me.

The Inn takes me back before my life-time

History in the making right at its prime

See the old mill and model railroads how it was

Get back to basics feelings start to buzz

And honky-tonk music on a banjo I did find

Added flavour to the street as tourists passed the time.

The reminiscing of a trip, a husband and wife gets close.

That is the value I admire the most.


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