Motor Mounts: The Problem

Motor Mounts: the Problem

(Discovered by Green and Ross, Valley way, Niagara Falls, On)

By David Smith September 20, 2012

Motor mounts: as a car vibrates and shakes.

Like an earthquake as it’s driven in haste

The uncertain hum and the vibes out of tune

The motor mounts: a simple solution to the gloom.


Now they’re replaced.

Quietness of the purr

The cold start

No reason to slur

Finding a mechanic that knows his trade

That’s the reality to have it made.


Motor mounts: a simple solution

Trust in a mechanic

Do away with delusion.


One response to “Motor Mounts: The Problem

  1. Hello David, we met today in front of that school and just wanted to say thank you again. I’ve read these poems and just wanted to say this, “have you considered going on Canada’s Got Talent”. I’m not much of a poet by any means, but, I must say that I was very impressed. You definitely have a talent David and enclosing, I would just like to say this, “don’t let the flame flicker and/or die out”. Kind regards, Rocky.

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