Remembrance Day Toastmasters Theme

Remembrance Day Toastmasters Theme

By David Smith November 8, 2012


Think of the Men-in-gate; Names etched in stone

To touch with fingers as tears start to roam.

They are the dead so we can live;

They gave their all, so we can give.


Puzzle pieces, the value of being unique

A vivid portrait with a mosaic to seek

A unique puzzle code, for illustrations of life

To learn from an icebreaker is power and might.

Learning from others, puzzle parts are grand.

Mosaic within  a person we too can understand.


Letters from a Dark Lady

With Red Hat and Plume

As she writes in words that rhyme in tune.

Like watching a Shakespearian Play

I heard the evaluator; positive reinforcement, by the way

Change in character with interlude in place

O what creativity for an audience to face


Round Trip 101 with breathtaking wonder.

Vivid imagery through North America we sunder.

To give characters personality, the evaluator hit home

What a growth point to consider on trails as we roam.


A Remembrance Day theme and three speakers galore

To work as a team we have the passion for;

That is the fulfillment on a Thursday night

Rose City Toastmasters as practice makes right.


One response to “Remembrance Day Toastmasters Theme

  1. toastmaster_noobie

    wow that was beautiful

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