NHL Misses Goal

The Shelf-life of the NHL

By David Smith Inspired by CBC Radio December 4, 2012

The NHL, a shelf-life and how it comes to a close;

The strike, the greed, the bitterness;

As the whole world knows

The OHA is checking hard

The community thrives, and is not scarred

The games are flourishing and parents enter in

To see them skate and dream, and grow and everything.

O the pocket communities can benefit from the strike

We can afford the OHA, the joy is what we like.

Seeing the youth hunger for the love of the game

It’s better than a business that amplifies greed and shame.

And how an organization can strike right out of reach.

The striking  Ottawa Journal, It folded in defeat.

So every business has a shelf-life and the answer is within;

A strike over greed and bitterness

A smaller audience will begin.


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