Pain: Feeling of Hopelessness

Pain:  Feeling of Hopelessness

By David Smith April 6, 2013


Walking in pain with ankles and knees

Getting help is more than a breeze

A family doctor; a great place to start

Given a referral as he does his part

Like an NHL hockey puck that is passed around

From professional to professional is very profound

From chiropractor to x-ray; and podiatrist for sure

All medical people as pain will endure

At the end of the day, a hard night to sleep

Legs that ache with an agonizing peep

As puck is passed from pillar to post

Doctors of Healing we admire the most

O the pain and a referral so true

Pass the puck and feel so blue

What an embarrassment to ask for help

Told I’m a liar as spouse starts to yelp

All these referrals with increasing pain

Logically thinking driving me insane;

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