Tom and Jerry Syndrome

Tom and Jerry Syndrome

By David Smith July 9, 2013

Like Tom and Jerry to Falls Avenue, we came;

Cabs waiting for pickups, and “No Parking” to blame;

The parking enforcement paces the street;

Cabs pull out, and leave, and turn up the heat;

No one profits from the heat of the day;

But the curb is clear, of cabs, by the way.


That’s on the surface, and that’s what we see;

The underling truth has value for me;

Both professions have a service and need;

A cab driver plants goodwill like a seed;

To keep tourists coming back;

To get the economy on the right track;


And Parking enforcement’s for our safety, no doubt;

The cabbies lose interest and start to pout;

As Tom and Jerry make it through each day;

Cabs and enforcement;

Two professions, that prey.


Like Hunting for gold in a tourist town;

Two different interests where needs are found;

Look at the big picture.

The positive-nes of each role;

Safety comes first. Enjoy the stroll.

Like cat and mouse our senses become sharp;

Satisfying the tourist, our abilities to tap.


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