Blackberries comapres to a Marriage

DCIM100MEDIABlackberries compares to a Marriage

By David smith September 14, 2013

Blackberries on the surface, Flavour and appeal;

The imaginary taste, the flavour is real.

Disappointed in taste, but great in looks;

Late in the season the sourness took.


Like a relationship with spouses hand in hand;

And over the years the inconsistencies they can’t stand.

How things sour, like the beauty of the berries;

To bring back that sweetness where emotions are contrary.


How to preserve the surface look;

And have the depth where romance once shook.

Where lives were changed and love took hold;

And now the boredom is growing old.


How to add the sugar and sweeten from within;

To enrich romance where hearts would spin.

Bring back our flavour and spring in step;

And hug and hold with lots of pep.


The taste of berries is not so sweet,

In the fall, lacking summer heat;

But it’s a treat to pucker up;

The sour berries fill my cup.

Now the flavour of children and grand

The strength of a family, where emotions stand.


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