The Wax Museum

The Wax Museum

By David Smith December 6, 2013

(Inspired by tour of Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum Niagara Falls)


The wax museum in Niagara Falls It ’twas

All the dignitaries creating quite a buzz

All famous people from around the sphere

Presidents and statesmen we hold so dear


So life-like and formal in their public attire

An adrenaline rush as pomp and ceremony would transpire

Those life-size figures, so real paint a scene

To pant with emotion, formality, it had been


On the world stage, to move amongst the displays

The music in the background as the visitors are amazed

O what a sight where imagination can go wild

Face to face with stardom. Dorothy as a child


All those famous characters, legends in their day

To bring back the memories, and have it put into play

Wayne Gretzky out on skates; and infamous convicts behind glass

Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein in a different class


To be up on politics and study world leaders too

The themes and characters were well defined and true

What imagination to put it all in place

O the many artists, talent we can face


Down on Victoria Avenue on Clifton Hill we can see

The hub of excitement where tourists get to be.


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