Anxious wait after surgery

Anxious Wait after Surgery

By David Smith January 17, 2014

Waiting is a waiting room while heart is pounding at the throat

Waiting for the word, to heal the thoughts provoke

The procedure is completed and recovery takes its toll

To hear words of hope, as imagination’s on a roll


Waiting for authority to clarify the mood

Dwelling on emotions as thoughts are slowly brewed

Up to where beds are prepared

Anxiety is mounting and nothing to be shared


A husband left in waiting, like he doesn’t care

If she could get the message, the love he has to share.

So he’s in the hospital and feels so all alone

And his wife from surgery, as pain sets the tone


To only pass the message, the love he has to give

Pass is incomplete as bureaucracy starts to live

So he’s left in waiting, with a listening ear

For the sign of relief that everything is, all clear


That is a husband’s role where passiveness is key

And waiting for the word, where my wife comes home, to me

From waiting room to waiting room to be at her beckoning call

Being so nervous, to see where pieces fall


Love is a many splendid thing

To accept the circumstances with all it brings

So here I sit and feel so good

My love for her is understood.


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