Rose Queen Contestants Improve Skills

Rose Queen Contestants Improve Skills
Rose city Toastmasters May 13, 2014

The Icebreaker broke the ice; Enthusiasm was all so nice
The pulse of the crowd energetic and clear; an electrifying moment almost surreal
The excitement of the group admire so much
A bond of togetherness glowed with personal touch
Where people were born; and their favourite things
To break the ice, the excitement it brings

Conversing with ease, with someone you have never met
Talk about the weather is always a safe bet
Simple things about yourself
An opinion taken from an imaginary shelf

The building block for ease
Five blocks can make life a breeze
Universal motivators get people out of bed
It’s the love and the hope where we can raise our head

When the bright lights are on you, the motivators are on
It’s the pause and the think for a great respond
That’s why we are here, to amplify what we’ve got
To prove to ourselves we do have a shot

Object, occupation and place
To develop a story and build a case
Around the room the laughter was real
It was a think-tank emotions couldn’t conceal

It was a joy as the stories unfold
Public speaking, as tales are told
What a privilege to observe the group
It must be a joy to be part of the soup

Admire the youth as they develop their skill
To watch them perform is my greatest thrill
The applause, the audience, what the next generation learns
We are all part of a going concern
You are important, a difference you make
It is through our weakness we do become great.


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