Inspired by Brother’s Sixtieth Birthday

Inspired by brother’s Sixtieth Birthday
By David Smith February 24, 2015

My brother turned sixty, a crowd all around
Nephews with girlfriends were so profound
A family that ages with no mom or dad
The present is here, the Now that we had
Missed a generation to be off on my own
To get reacquainted a bond that is sown

The joy that I missed
Seeing nephews grow up
The fruits of their labour as I took a sup
That was my loss as brothers mature
Seeing them at birthdays as time does endure

To know we’re a part of family that grows
To be part of the dynamics, a love that glows
Birthday’s important and keeping in touch
The deafening silence, it hurts so much
Thanks be to birthday’s and celebrations so grand
To keep in touch, a joy to stand


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