Volunteers Utmost Importance

Volunteers Utmost Importance
By David Smith, July 17, 2014

Where would the hospital be without a volunteer?
With smiles on faces from ear to ear
A concerning smile to make things calm
People in crisis like an internal bomb

Physical and mental aches and pains
Yet it’s the volunteer for beneficial gain
O the satisfaction to give a soothing word
Or a bit of encouragement to let clients know they are heard

The joy of being a front line volunteer
So patience’s can have a little less to fear
Just the knowledge to know someone cares
Before anxiety and tempers flair

O to sit and see volunteers at work
Precious time, the concern it took
The volunteer allows professionals to do their job
More time for healing, what stress can rob!

That’s what’s observed, a poet from the street
Volunteers are priceless, yet viewed so sweet.


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