Count Down to Retirement

Count Down to Retirement
By David Smith July 30, 2014

Counting the days as enforcement comes to an end
It’s uncomfortably close and the excitement it sends
The joy of completing sixteen years on the beat
The poetry, the people, relationships so sweet

Gained a lot, and doors were opened
Toastmasters helped as words got spoken
Now a change for something new
It’s more that income, to have life renew

To tap into the inner strength
That’s the thought for life at length
When I am weak, then am I strong
It’s love of people, a joyous song.

Sad to see established routine out the door
A new walk and cadence and step is in store
To learn to march to a different drum
That’s the uniqueness for life to hum

Thanks be to experience and people of all kinds
The right mix, the value, purpose to find.
Counting the days as it comes to a close
All the decisions on what I chose.


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