Reminisicing of School Days “The Strap”

Reminiscing of School Daze “The Strap”
By David Smith August 5, 2014

Sitting at school desk to reminisce of the past
In an instant, in a flash, those school days came back fast
To be taught by fear and intimidation grand
High ceilings and cold walls as emotion can understand

The strap ruled the classroom, the teachers’ extended arm
The deafening silence of a pin drop
School bell was the alarm

To memorise and write, obedient so still
The joy of learning, made a stomach feel quite ill
To sharpen a mind like a razor, a belt, that the barbers choose
The teacher had the power,
Her word, we did not abuse

And students learned to fear, the strap, a motivating tool
And so fifty years later
They say it was quite cruel
Many fear the teachers, as we walked along the way
They controlled anxiety to this very day.


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