Rose City Toastmasters Meeting in Rhyme

Picture 120Rose City Toastmasters Meeting in Rhyme
By David Smith Thursday August 7, 2014
(Would like to thank Honeymoon City Toastmasters, Niagara College Toastmasters, Rose City Toastmasters for helping to make this meeting a success at The Welland Arena on King St)

Toasts and Toastmastering, and being sober we heard
Toastmasters and Drinking can be absurd
Republic of Ireland in 1948 it was
No toast to the President created a buzz
Thanks be to Canada a republic came about
Because lack of a toast, new standards are out

Union and management and training in the work place
Arbitrary law and different angles we face
All around the table the brave participants spoke
Seniority rights and management and labour they poke
That was the joy, a think tank in fun
Taking it seriously adrenaline did run
That was Table Topics, where impromptu was real
And speaking “off the cuff” a victory we could feel

Sixty-ninth anniversary Hiroshima, a vivid account of what was seen
A dramatic reading of what had been
The emotion was there, the pictures were clear
An eye witness account, read so dear

You say it best when you say nothing at all
The sounds of silence to grow so tall
Drain tank, pure listening, and improve the storm
Feeling validated, a great way to conform
The tenth speech filled, with lessons to learn
To control emotion, so tempers won’t burn

The Cleaver Little man, always lessons to take
Pin pointing irritation, disaster is at stake
What a lesson for Mr. Negative to find out
Hope and value what life is about

Evaluations were very clear
Eye control a point so dear
As speech progressed, vocal rate moved around
A very sad story, where emotion was found
Narrative was right on cue, vocal variety a growth point was true

Everything tied together and “say nothing at all”
Though confrontation we can grow tall
To be on the receiving end of a great speech
Learning lessons, the speaker did teach
Dressed the part where imagination was in gear
The moral of the story radiated clear.

Lectern left unattended three times
It’s the control to pass in rhyme
To keep it occupied and control in place
It is the precision, and keep the pace
That was the meeting, in a nut shell it was
To be part of the dynamics, Rose City did buzz


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