Guitar Practice Frustrations

Guitar Practice Frustrations
By David Smith August 24, 2014

He tunes his guitar with an electronic tuner
The sounds, the notes with a bit of twang to her
The strum and beat with a well tuned guitar
Pretty much the same like sounds in a car

As notes are picked; all up and down
The sounds from the string, not much of a hum
Playing by ear, like a blind artist can paint
That is my struggle as doe, tea, laws, are quite faint

But it is a thrill to pick out a song
One note at a time, how it does take long
To read music and type it on a guitar
That’s where I’m at as frustrations are far

But the satisfaction to pluck out a song
Just the melody since it does take long
The thrill of learning, the joy of success
To document frustration while doing my best

If a man that is deaf can be a composer so great
And a blind artist can paint with emotion to rate
Surely typing a few notes on a barr
To develop talent we can go far

Maybe an ear can develop a tune
Right now it is tinny and I’m starting to fume


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