Recruit Training Memories

Recruit Training Memories
By David Smith September 23, 2014

FrontView of StorePicture My Dad Elgin Smith Campbells Bay PQ 1944

The strong smell of Brasso as it pierces eyes and nose
Images of Cornwallis as Recruit Training goes
To polish brass and wipe, and create a luxurious shine
Basic training memories, the experience, it was mine.

Eleven weeks intense,
Inspections every day.
Coming to attention,
As part of the instructor’s prey
O the spit and polish, the discipline throughout,
Now it is a memory
To survive and not kicked out

All those times inspected, like yesterday is here
And over forty years later; vivid memories appear
It’s not only the Brasso, but smell of spray starch too
As we iron shirts, what we were trained to do

Memories come alive, aroma of military life
Every now and again, we live through trails and strife.
And proud of my achievement for life that I can face
How to “learn to serve” for my rightful place.

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