Inspired by a Cousins Luncheon

Inspired by A Cousins’ Luncheon
By David Smith October 3, 2014
(First Cousins get together for a family meal)

It seemed so long ago since Mom has passed away
Yet it is so close as emotions get in the way
Vivid memories keep coming back
And grandchildren I can see
And my historic past keeps bombarding against me

O the wheels of life keep turning from one generation to the next
And challenges keep coming and how to feel perplexed
And life is so hard; to have it packed with meaning
Pushed from pillar to post and eliminate what is deceiving

And part of the cycle, in middle age I can observe;
The history of the past, and as the future starts to curve;
When grandchildren start to date
And have independence of their own;
And the teaching of my ancestors, their morals they have sown.

It seems so long ago, yet the memory is close;
Roots and family tree;
An inheritance we can boast.
A luncheon with the cousins
Links the future to the past;
To keep the threads together so the family will always last.


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