My Mentor, My Teacher Only Four Years Old

My Mentor, My Teacher at Four Years Old
By David Smith September 6, 2014


Envy my grandson at four years old;
As he grasps hold of life, fearless and bold;
Rides a two wheeler and drives like the wind;
Rides down the step on a prayer and a whim
Can swim like a fish in deep water no doubt
Wearing a life jacket no fear is about
He’s got his youth and the ability to climb
At four years of age, fear far behind
Falls down and gets bumped, and brushes it off
Laughs at life, and gives it everything he’s got
I envy the boy, but to copy his way
Can I take my struggles, and turn it into play?
Unless we become as little children, I hear
To face the adventure and do without fear
To learn from my grandson, a teacher is he
A hunger for experience makes a happier me.

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